Tunes Babe, TUNES! 

Three recommendations for RECORD STORE DAY! 


Morning Phase (180g, Free MP3) Vinyl LP

It’s not “two turntables and a microphone” this time, but this LP offers sensory overload while creating something quiet and personal.  What’s even more impressive is Beck produced the whole thing himself, a true testament to his already know genius.


White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Remix) Vinyle 12’”


It’s Album Time (Free MP3) Vinyl 2LP

Yay YAy YAY! I’ve been waiting for this full length from Norway’s resident disco genius is finally here and it’s the SHIT. 

Visit TurnTable Lab for purchase 


Shedding tears babe! 

A few days ago I was seen..scene..standing in the rain waiting to bid farewell to Clayton Patterson at his $16 Burger Show.  This pop up show is only going to be open for a month and will showcase works and prints he dug up in his home in the L.E.S. and new never before seen pieces! Hurry Hurry Hurry so you can witness 3 decades of Clayton’s prolific career.  

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Babes, I’m dying over this!

Dreamy Camera Café in Yangpyeong, South Korea, was created by a couple with a big love for vintage cameras.  The cafe design is inspired by the 1930s Rolleiflex twin lens reflex cameras.  These babies were used by photographers like Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon used a “Rollei,” which had a distinctive waist-level viewfinder. 

Ok…who wants to book a flight with me???

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Get ready for this new collaboration lovers.

Get ready for this new collaboration lovers.

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Happy Humpday lovers 

Let’s get serious about Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her cute little Venus dimples. Owning It.

Happy Humpday lovers

Let’s get serious about Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her cute little Venus dimples. Owning It.

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Babes, I’m into this flower power moment.
Yay or nay??

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Boy to remember

Do legends ever really die?
Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

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Filling your walls babe

If you’re tired of looking at an empty wall, venture to the Affordable Art Fair, April 3-6. This 3 day event is hosted by 78 galleries that converge at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.

Expose yourself to the possibility of a great find.


I like to do things quickly because I’m easily bored.
Karl Lagerfeld
true for me, is it true for you??

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Yay!  Wedding dresses you can wear again and again babes!

Reformation bridal/bridesmaid collection has landed. 

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Lolawolfon SoundCloud

If you’re in the mood for vibin…get obsessed with Lolawolf

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I’ve been crushing on him for a long time—and it hasn’t faded yet babes

It’s been over two years and sometimes crushes don’t die. 

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Ride ‘em baby

Kristen Stewart chills out “rodeo style” in Chanel Pre Fall 2014 Campaign.

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Girl crushing on Shailene Woodley 

I never really knew to much about her, other than she was that teenage that got knocked up on some show on ABC Family.  Now she’s front and center taking the lead in the YR franchise, Divergent. 

She talks openly about her bohemian lifestyle, pure food and cosmetics, and giving her vagina vitamin D.  She is completely a refreshing inside and out and if you’re aching for more Shailene, check out her feature on Into The Gloss.  

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Get Rooted in Bangkok

If you missed Bangkok artist Korakrit Arunanondchai’s solo show at Clearing Gallery in Bushwick last year, you have a lot of catching up to do to impress your friends..or foes. WHY?? Because he’s popping off and becoming sorta of an “it” guy….globally.  

I highly recommend heading over to the MOMA PS1 to catch his 2012-2555 exhibit.  If you chose any day, March 23rd looks like the winner because Arunanondchai will kick off the Sunday Sessions with four videos and a live performance with his twin brother.